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Eggtech Antibacterial Automatic Incubators - 24 Eggs

An upgraded version of our best selling automatic incubators with added Biomaster protection a permanent antibacterial additive that has been added into the plastic that provides maximum protection during the lifetime of the product.

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  • Top quality incubators which are designed, engineered and manufactured in Italy by River Systems
  • The Egg Tech incubators offer innovated technical solutions with an extremely high degree of reliability
  • Designed with both the complete novice and the experienced user in mind
  • Supplied with a full step by step instruction manual
  • The incubator comes with a 1 year warranty from date of purchase. Within the guarantee period we will eliminate, free of charge, any defect in the machine, resulting from faults in materials or workmanship, either by repairing or replacing the complete appliance (as we may choose and at our discretion)
  • Due to the small temperature increments available, the incubators are designed to hatch a large variety of eggs fowls, pheasants, guinea fowl, quail, partridge, turkey, geese, pigeon, peacock as well as exotic birds
  • A turbine propeller and the special design of the incubator allows a correct and uniform distribution of heat and humidity where needed
  • In the automatic versions, the egg turning is gradual to increase the hatch rate and eggs are turned every 2 hours
  • Biomaster is a safe and effective system for controlling the proliferation of harmful bacteria since it works against viruses and more than 50 different types of bacteria
  • Biomaster prevents the spread of bacterial infections in embryos, which is one of the main death causes during hatching
  • This treatment does not affect mechanical performance
  • Protection grade: IPX4

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