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The Rotem Communicator is a state-of-the-art Alarm and Communication center for the modern farm. 


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The Rotem Communicator keeps the farmer updated and informed. It is now possible to connect to the farm via phone lines, DSL, cellular networks, cable modem and satellite, 24 hours a day. If a message must reach the Farmer, the Communicator can send a message by SMS (Short Message Service), and/or dial-up to notify the farmer about any problem.

The Communicator can deliver messages to several locations using it's built in voice card, and/or as e-mail. The Communicator has a user-friendly interface with a full alphanumeric keypad, 20 character X 4 line LCD and LED lighted indicators. The user can customize voice messages according to personal preference.


  • Plug in cellular modem (GSM/GPRS).
  • Provides two-way wireless capabilities via GSM services.
  • Mobile originated and mobile terminated SMS messages.
  • Support for several communication sources, and can link to any/all of your rotem controllers simultaneously.
  • Plug in voice solution, supports incoming and outgoing phone calls in case of alarms and status reports.
  • Plug in analog modem with speed up to 56kbit with v.92, USB, data and voice functions.
  • 8 digital inputs # 3 dry contacts, 5 ampere output relays
  • Battery backup

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