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Liscop Horse Clipper – Culti

This slim, new horse clipper is extremely silent and non-vibrating.

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  • The ergonomic body houses a powerful permanent magnet motor with hight orque for the perfect clipping result
  • Due to its well-balanced minimal weight, this clipper will win over both hobby as well as professional horse owners
  • The CUTLI is not only impressive due to its powerful motor and wide clipping head, but also thanks to its remarkable and ergonomic design
  • The CUTLI comes ready to use, equipped with a set of blades for day to day grooming (clipping height approx 3mm) and includes special Liscop clipper oil in a handy plastic case
  • Made in Germany
  • Cutting Speed: 2.200 double strokes/min

Dimensions: 48mm x 48mm x285mm
Noise Level:Approx. 72 dB
Cooling System:A new form of aeration for motor, transmission, clipping head and blades
Drive System: Single step, encapsulated, self lubricating
Cutter Drive System: Oscillating cutter drive system with new pressure distribution for longer lifespan; extremely silent and non-vibrating
Air Filter: easily removed without tools quick and easy to clean
Weight: Only 1,010g (without cable)
Power Cord: 5m in length

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Technical system australia

Over 86 years of combined industry experience