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Snap Feeder

Kane Snap Feeders are designed to feed baby pigs dry food while still in the farrowing crate.

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  • Utilised by producers who early wean and provides easier access for younger pigs
  • The trough area is water tight allowing the snap feeder to be used to provide milk replacer for young pigs needing a boost
  • The Kane Snap Feeder is designed to fasten to all types of nursery flooring in the farrowing creep area
  • Placement in the creep area should be done in an area that the sow's feet won't reach the feeder
  • The spring loaded hook makes the Kane Snap Feeder easy to install and remove
  • An arrow on the top indicates the hook direction

Specials Features:

  • Standard Profile 10cm high
  • Feed Saver Lip which reduces feed waste
  • Positive J Hook locking device
  • Locking device, push-turn to attach and release for easy and quick installation
  • Adapts to all types of slatted creep areas
  • Round design allows the baby pigs access from all sides
  • Easy to clean and non rusting
  • Durable high density, high impact styrene and stainless hook and spring assembly
  • Built in grill keeps pigs from getting into the trough and helps prevent feed waste

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Over 86 years of combined industry experience