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Technical Systems Australia

Technical Systems Australia (TSA) is a leading Australian company dedicated to the supply, installation and service of equipment to Australia, New Zealand and Pacific markets for Poultry (broiler and breeders),  Layer (free range and barn layer), and Turkey (breeder and production)
Pig, Agricultural, Farming and Brewing industries.

We pride ourselves on customer service and after sales support with over 36 year's experience in operation and over 86 years combined industry experience.

Meet TSA's Amazing warehouse manager.

Matt has been involved in the poultry industry for the past 30+ years, and has decided to finish his working years at the fabulous TSA.
Unfortunately 2021 hasn't started out the greatest for Matt and his family, as one of his twin grandsons (Lincoln) has been diagnosed with Leukaemia.
Lincoln's parents are overwhelmed with the support they have received from the Leukaemia foundation and would like to give some support back by raising much needed funds for a cure.
Matt's wife and two stepdaughters have not seen Matt without a beard in the past 22 years they have known him. So his stepdaughter raised the challenge for him to shave it off for the worlds greatest shave and Lincoln. Matt has accepted the challenge and would like to raise 1000+ for the shave.

TSA is asking all our customers help please, we would love to see Matt cleanly shaven and most importantly raise money for a cure for this terrible disease. 


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Plastic Hopper




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PIG PRODUCTS (coming soon)

PET PRODUCTS (coming soon)

CATTLE PRODUCTS (coming soon)

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To improve farmers performance
It's important to invest in the right agricultural housing and equipment.

Upcoming Poultry Expo

PIX 2022

PIX|AMC have had to make a very hard decision due to international movement restrictions and have had to move the international show to next year.  

We are excited to welcome you once again to the 2022 Poultry Information Exchange (PIX) and Australasian Milling Conference (AMC), PIX/AMC 2022, which will be held at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre from Sunday, 15th to Tuesday, 17th of May 2022.


TSA can assist you with consulting advice and design on all aspects of poultry operations.

Call us on +61 7 5429 2028 or fill out our contact form for advice on any of your design needs.

Free strategy assessment

Technical system australia

Over 86 years of combined industry experience