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Agrotop is a leading global player in Poultry turnkey projects. They provide the full range of services for realizing Poultry and agro-industry construction projects, while focusing on client's visions and maximizing their business results.
Agrotop integrates engineering, construction, know-how and technology to provide a tailor-made solution for each client. They can provide all or part of the services required for the agro-project, from consulting and a bankable business plan all the way to design, logistics and realization. In order to maximize clients' business results, they can offer local team training, transfer of know-how and full support of a project operation. Agrotop was founded in 1989 as a subsidiary of Hapach Metal Industries, which has been active in the domestic market for over 65 years. Its offices are located in Timurim, Israel.

Managing Broiler breeders is a delicate art, and can be practiced in a stand-alone farm or as part of an integration project. It requires a higher investment than broilers and skilled personnel but can reward with very high revenue. In many countries the industry is progressing from artificial insemination to automatic deep littler houses. This is lowering labor costs and raising bird welfare, but different challenges arise like floor egg prevention. Agrotop has years of experience with both types of houses all around the world. They have pioneered deep litter houses in India with excellent word-class results. They can do the same for you.

A full vertical integration poultry project integrates all of the production chain, from seed to final product. It may include grain fields, pullet houses, breeding farms, a hatchery, broiler farms and agro-industry sites such as a meat processing plant, grain elevator and feed mill. A full or partial poultry vertical integration can be a perfect solution in certain markets to reduce operational costs, self-supply a certain product that is unavailable, or achieve a higher quality final product for a competitive edge.

Agro - Projects

Agrotop designed and erected thousands of projects in over 40 countries. They are geared to provide there services for various project sizes. Their portfolio includes small portable farms, mid-sized and large farms, supporting plants such as Feed mills, Hatcheries and Slaughter houses, and massive full vertical integration solutions.
Mobile houses are a perfect solution for entrepreneurs wishing to use the quick permit process in certain countries and start growing free range broilers and layers. Agrotop has assembled houses in Germany, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand and China and has gained experience in the relevant regulations for these countries.
Agrotop's mobile houses are highly durable, heavy duty constructions that can withstand all types of weather including extreme heat, heavy snow and harsh winds while still 100% recyclable and cleverly designed for an assembly time of just 3 weeks. Although regulations usually specify 3-5 years of structure durability, there structures are designed to work 20-50 years.

Business Oriented

They have experience integrating all aspects required to reach perfect bird conditions and economic results. They have done it in over 40 countries.


Agrotop's modern houses can create a suitable micro-climate in different and even extreme weather conditions.

Dry Litter

They offer innovative solutions for creating dry litter, which increases the flocks' health conditions and reduces energy costs.

Feed Conversion

They have experience reaching feed conversions that are better than the breeder-company manual. You can achieve this as well.

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Technical system australia

Over 86 years of combined industry experience