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Environmental Control

RBU-3 Alarm and Backup System.
The RBU-3 measures the inside temperature via one or two temperature sensors, and according to the set parameters. When required the unit activates the alarm system, or fans or heaters.

RLINK Wireless Communication.
The RLINK provides wireless communication between a user PC and the controller network. RLINK operates at frequencies and power levels which do not require a license.

RDT-5 Digital Thermostat.
The RDT-5 is a dual phase 5 stage digital thermostat that works in conjunction with RDU-27 back up units and Platinum Controllers.


The AC2000SE Controller.
The AC200SE provides poultry farmers with an advanced and highly cost-effective computerized control solution for their farms with optimal environmental conditions constantly maintained.

RPBS Portable Bird Scale.
The RPBS operates on a rechargeable battery making it absolutely portable and user friendly. This system is suitable for use on broiler and breeder farms for the purpose of monitoring growth and flock health.

RLD-14 Light Dimmer.
The RLD-14 enables controlling of the light and brightness in the poultry pen. This dimmer has unique features such as stable operation in low brightness levels and high flexibility.

Communicator is a state-of-the-art Alarm and communication center.The communicator has a user friendly interface with an alfa-numeric keypad, 20 character x4 line LCD and indicative LED. Supports several communication sources.

Smart 4C Controller
The Smart 4C is able to control heating, cooling and ventilation, with 3 temperature inputs and 1 humidity input. Smart 4C can also be tailored to your own specific needs. 


RLED Two Channel Low Power Light Dimmer.
The RLED unit enables controlled lighting systems in poultry housing, including LED based lighting.


Platinum Plus.
The Platinum Plus is a full-featured poultry house control with the ability to control several aspects of poultry housing  such as climate, feed and water management and many more.

AC2000Plus Controller.
The AC2000 Plus controls static pressure, lighting, temperature and humidty in poultry houses. 


TSA Thermometer & Hygrometer
The indoor thermometer can check the maximum and minimum temperature and humidity of poultry houses. The memory will show the temperature/humidity of the period from the last reset.

LB White Heaters incorporates the benefits from the most experienced manufacturer of heating products. The heaters are designed and developed specifically for use in agricultural animal confinement buildings.

Hired Hand Agricultural Heaters have been manufactured with the finest materials and components available. The heaters are direct fired gas forced air furnace suitable for indoor mounting suspension in confined buildings.

TSA Euro Fans are available in a range of sizes and housing to suit different applications. TSA Euro Fans are fitted with stainless steel blades which are dynamically balanced as a set to reduce vibration and noise.

TSA Cooling Pads are high quality, long lasting with high evaporate properties. Specially designed for poultry houses to provide maximum cooling and temperature reducing inside the houses. Provided in coated or not coated.

TSA are also able to fault-find, service and repair all Rotem products.

TSA can assist you with consulting advice and design on all aspects of poultry operations.

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Technical system australia

Over 86 years of combined industry experience